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Reprinted with Permission
Research funded by The Fetzer Institute
(c) The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018



Overview of Workplace Spirituality Research

Judi Neal


Business, the motor of our society, has the opportunity to be a new creative force on the planet, a force which could contribute to the well-being of many. 

For that to occur, we must all substantially increase our commitment to integrity and accountability, and courageously make a quantum leap in consciousness:

beyond conventional solutions; beyond opposing forces; beyond fear and hope.


(Harmon and Hormann 1990: 11)




This literature review and review of the field of workplace spirituality was commissioned by Fetzer Institute as part of a larger research project on workplace spirituality. There were three projects included in this larger research project.  The first was the creation of an annotated list of workplace spirituality organizations.  The second was the creation of an annotated bibliography of workplace spirituality literature that included seminal articles in the field as well as recent cutting-edge research articles.  This workplace spirituality literature review is the third and final part of the Fetzer Institute workplace spirituality research project. It is with their permission and blessing that I am able to publish this work so that others have access to the work that Fetzer supported.


The purpose of this report is to understand the role spirituality plays in the workplace. The focus of this literature review is on research as well as on organizational practice. There are five major sections of this report:  (1) Historical background and trends, (2) Research methodologies, (3) Organizational exemplars of workplace spirituality, (4) Spiritual practices in the corporate sector, (5) Outcomes research, and (6) Recommendations for future research in the workplace spirituality domain.

For more, please see the attached PDF file.

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