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Our next Spirit at Work Breakfast (and discussion) is on
Sat. August 29th, at 10 a.m. in downtown Toronto. 

We'll be continuing our "Challenging Thoughts" series with:

The Challenge of Listening to Ourselves...
and Following That!

What are you being called to do?

It’s a question we’ve heard many times. But let’s take that out of traditional “Christian language” for a moment, and consider what it might actually mean.

What are you getting an inner prompting to do?
Do you have a deep desire or a knowing you must follow? How are your insides speaking to you?
Is something deadening your spirit, and you know you cannot sustain it and need to change?
Or is there something inside that you would like or love to do, but can’t give yourself permission... or support... to follow?

What’s stopping you?
Can you look at the injunctions, the boogeymen (or women), or beliefs inside that say “YOU CANNOT do that!”?
How might we put these "fear thoughts" to rest... and find the "peace of love/God" behind them?
How might we grow the strength to trust “ it 
whatever the “it” is, that’s ‘calling us’ in our life?
And how might we support each other to do it?

Those are the questions we'll be starting to explore this month.
Clearly, we won’t be able to cover all of them in one breakfast. 
But let’s see how far we can go...

** If you can't make it to the breakfast, but would like to share your thoughts, insights or experiences, please do so below!

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