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The Calling   by Eric Hellman

The Calling


A part of me... a deep part of me...

yearns for you.

I cannot say what it is,

or who you are.

But I know you are there.

I can feel you as I write this.

I have often heard you in music.

And I have always longed for you

in prayer.

So who... or what... are you, my love?

Who or what are you, my Love?



Please Come to Me


Please come to me.

You know who I am.

You know where I am.

You know how much I want you.

So come to me.


Come like a thief in the night.

Come like the wind in the trees.

Come like the sea that laps, incessantly, upon the shore.

I want you. I need you.

I long to know you in my heart.

Come to me.



This is What I Long For


There is a way of living that I long for.

A feeling in my belly,

in my being,

That cannot be denied.


I’ve felt it many times before

In songs. In nature.

In loving. And in giving.

I know it is there.

And I want it more...


I want to speak from there.

And write from there.

I want to act from there,

and give from there.

I want to live more of my days

from there....

so I may feel the presence

of Life, and You, more fully.




Open Up the Door


If what it takes to live this way

is to open up the door,

then let me do it now.

Let me do it, now.


I say that with all the fear,

the hesitation, and the questioning,

that has held me back

for so many years.


I say that with all the knowing

that I may be unleashing something

I do not fully understand.


And I say that with an inkling

of what I may be opening myself up for.


Yet as I say this...

I say this...

because I want it. I feel it. I need it.


So help me, God...

to open the door.




Become Present


Become present

to the voice within you...


Not that voice that whines and cries

and carries on within you;

that elevates you one moment

and slams you down the next,

telling you how worthless you are.


But that voice that goes deeper

that calls you by name

that sings to you

moves in you

caresses you into being

and wants you to live a grander life.


Become present to the voice

that is always there inside,

reminding you of a deeper place

a distant shore

a larger you

and knows that you will go there

if you trust yourself

and follow its lead.


What if...

you were to listen

to that voice inside you

more often?



Love Yourself


Love yourself into being today

Into rising

into working

into eating

into speaking

into resting

into doing

into being

into sleeping


And when you wake again,


Try it all over again.


Are you worth it?

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