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Pastoral Counselor Pamela Ayo Yetunde has written a book that addresses emotional recovery from the ills of greed in Vigil: Spiritual Reflections on Your Money and Sanity, 2nd ed. (Marabella Books)  In Vigil, Yetunde draws on a variety of world religions, theologians, poets, and wisdom literature to address how the modern culture of greed manifests, how our involvement (knowingly and unknowing) impacts us and people worldwide, and how spiritual practice can help us be more at ease in the tension between living a spiritual life and needing money.  As a pastoral counselor, Yetunde places great emphasis on how greed impacts our emotional health.

Yetunde, a former financial advisor, brings her experiences as a financial advisor to bear, integrating those experiences into a diverse expression of dismay on one hand, and optimism on the other.  Her interpretation of the Book of Job should give readers something new to think about as it relates to loss and illness.

Yetunde, who has spoken nationally with The Everywoman’s Money Conference and other events, and has been interviewed in Black Enterprise Magazine and Ebony, is also the author of Beyond 40 Acres and Another Pair of Shoes: For Smart Sisters Who Think Too Much and Do Too Little About Their Money (Marabella Books) and The Inheritance: A Stock-Picking Story (Marabella Books).

For more information about Yetunde and Vigil: Spiritual Reflections on Your Money and Sanity, visit

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