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Here are a few signs of the "consciousness shift" happening around us:

Mindfulness, (Meditation) & Mental Health - on a TV program called The AGENDA with Steve Paikin, TVO Ontario (May 7, 2015) (See the video here)

Comments made by Dan Harris, ABC TV News Anchor and author of 10% Happier:

"ABC News has adopted meditation in a really robust way. ...Major figures at my network, like George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts, the two co-anchors of the Number 1 morning show in America, “Good Morning, America,” are meditators. The president of ABC Television is a meditator. We offer meditation course within the News Division now.

It’s now, as you mentioned, being adopted in the halls of major corporations like Google, AETNA, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills. (They make Hamburger Helper.) They have meditations rooms in all their corporate offices. The U.S. Marines and Army are doing it. Entertainers are doing it, (like) Fifty Cent... I think we’ve got some pretty decisive evidence that you can meditate and still be an effective competitor and an effective player in the world."


The Consciousness Shift Driving the Change in our Systems and Organizations - is the title of an upcoming presentation by Valentine Giraud, of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, at the Foresight & Trends Conference, Sept 29 to Oct 1, Los Angeles (organized by the Institute for International Research (IIRUSA))

Here's the description of her talk:

A shift in consciousness in currently underway. People are becoming increasingly more interested and connected to their inner and outer-world. They long for authenticity, purpose, community and passion. As a result organizations and the way we work are ought to change to meet this longing. Examples of this shift are increasing and showing themselves to be very successful.

In this presentation Valentine will speak of the main concepts and trends related to this shift, illustrating it with practical examples of initiatives and enterprises in Europe and Latin America that she has been involved with. The audience will learn about main concepts that shape this shift: organizations as living systems, self-organizing principles, collaboration, learning ecosystems, and others, and gain practical insights of how they can be put into real life in the context of their work and life.


"Good corporate citizen, better investment" - 
an article on Responsible Investing from the Globe and Mail (Aug 14, 2015)

- Photo below is Deb Abbey, CEO of the Responsible Investment Association (more about her here)

Deb Abbey.JPG 

To see or read more on any of these, click on the underlined links

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