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Jodie Lobana would appreciate your help in finding a University and supervisor for PhD research. If there's any way you can help, please contact her at the email at the bottom of this page!


Help Request: Finding a University/Supervisor for PhD Research

PhD Thesis on Inside-Out (Spiritual & Values-Based) Leadership
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My specific area of research interest is to study a gap, and assist humanity in filling that gap. This gap lies between the outer world of business, and the inner world of the individuals carrying on the business. I can feel the gap when I am sitting in the board meetings, in business and academic conferences, and even in the business school courses. This gap creates a type of superficiality/distance between our core, and the outer business world. Since we stay distant from what we do for business, our contribution to business, and in turn to society remains partial/superficial.

A bridge has to be first created between the two domains, and then we need to assist humanity in traversing the pathway between these two seemingly disparate domains.

My hope is that this research will contribute towards a new world...where we are whole…where we do business with the purpose, intention, and values that come from deep within our core. A world where we don’t leave ourselves outside the gates of the company that we work with, rather bring our whole deep passion and purpose with us, and deliver value to the company and to its shareholders with the vigor of intent that comes from inside.

Humble request: For this research work, I need to find the right University PhD Program and PhD Supervisor. I am hoping that you may know of great intellectuals/academicians in this area of study, under whose guidance I can deliver on this thesis. If you do have any suggestions for me, please connect with me at your earliest convenience.

With deep appreciation for your interest and support in this area,

Yours truly,
Jodie Lobana

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