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Have you ever wondered? 


*What is life all about? 

*Why are we here? 

*What is our purpose? 


Discover these answers and more in the Science and Spirituality Workshops coming to Toronto, May 14th and 21st.


It would be so wonderful to have you there with us. And if you need more info, let me know, I'd be happy to chat with you.



Science and Spirituality


For Advanced Spiritual Seekers


 By Lynn Kathleen Russell




Author of: THE WONDER OF YOU: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself

This five hour workshop brings you a deeper understanding of how science is intertwined in our spirituality. Using PowerPoint, video clips, and open discussions we will explore quantum theory; holography; cosmology; studies of the brain and consciousness; and NDEs to discover our reality. Lynn has the ability to explain difficult subjects in an easily understood down-to-earth manner.

  • Learn how we can be both One and separate at the same time
  • Find out what this life is all about and why we are here.
  • Learn how science is showing our reality.

Where and When: May 14th, Barbara Frum branch

                         May 21, Port Union branch   

Time: Coffee - 9:30, workshop 10 – 3:30 – 4:00 

with one hour lunch

Cost: $125 per person

Register through website at: 




 About Lynn Russell

 Has 20 years’ experience as a workshop facilitator. She began studying spirituality at age 16, and hasn’t stopped. She also also have studied science since my teens. 

Lynn is extremely open, friendly, and respectful of all people

Author of: THE WONDER OF YOU: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself

And Worpple a feel-good family book that teaches how amazing we are


The main thrust of Lynn’s work is to show you what magnificent creatures you are. You will learn what life is all about. Why do you exist? What are you supposed to do in this life?  Our world is made up of so much guilt. We have religious, parental guilt, and societal guilt that tells us how we should be.  Lynn’s work is designed to show you through science that you cannot be anything less than magnificent.


What other are saying

Lynn Russell's workshop on Science and Spirituality provided me with so much food for thought.  It left me pondering 'life, the universe, and everything', to borrow that line from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but Lynn's workshop didn't offer anything as simple as '42' as the answer to it all!  She left me full of wonder at the great mysteries surrounding us in every minute and in every space, and full of hope that we humans will grow in understanding our deep unity with all that is.  I'm so glad that Lynn is willing to think so deeply about all of these things, and to share, in such an organized and skillful way, her insights with all of us.  It is clear that Lynn has researched these topics extensively, and brought together many disparate findings and theories.  It was a fascinating, intriguing way to invest a day.  Thank you.

I appreciated and enjoyed the way Lynn Russell facilitated her workshop. I liked the fact that she encouraged everybody to connect with each other. I appreciated the freedom to ask any questions, and how the floor was open for discussion. All questions were answered to the best of her knowledge. I felt very comfortable in the space of her workshop.

It has been a delight to share time with people with similar interests and questions.

Wonderful experience, Lynn. I loved the difference and contrast between the scientific morning and the spiritual afternoon sessions, thank you.

I’m so thankful for opening this time to explore this topic. Thank you Lynn. Also I think this workshop will be helpful for my spiritual growth and understanding of how science plays into spirituality.

I like that it went from science to spirituality. Free form.

Thank you very much for this interesting and thought provoking subject. I wish you all the best in sharing this information in the future

A very thought provoking day! Lynn, sincere thanks for all the work you have done. I so enjoyed and was challenged by the day. Where can I get other opportunities like this one?

Lynn, you have a lovely, open and receptive presence. I liked hearing about your experiences and your many years of reading, researching, and reflecting. Thank you!

Interesting day, and interesting way to spend time with interesting people. Thank you, Lynn!

"Be the Love you are,"

L y n n   K.   R u s s e l l
P: 1+403.359.2309
Current Publication
The Wonder of You: What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself
Workhshop: Science and Spirituality

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