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Be Real, Relate and Deliver


A Marketing and Sales course for people who don’t like to “market” and “sell”... (and even those who do)


with coaches David Cohen (the Boomer Business Coach)

                         and Eric Hellman (Centre for Spirituality at Work)



About “Marketing” (from Eric):
What does that word bring up for you? Does it appeal, or turn you off? Feel natural, or unnatural? Is it something you think you HAVE to do, but really wish you didn’t?


Suppose we could see it another way: Doing what you love/value in the world. Telling others about it. And finding people who would love/value it too...


To me, that’s what great marketing is about. Being real and doing what matters. Expressing this in fun, honest & creative ways. Providing useful information to others. Helping them know if what we have is right for them. Delivering quality services, products and experiences. And creating trusted relationships in the process.


If that kind of “marketing” appeals to you, I hope you’ll join us. It’s a day of connecting to work that’s important to us. Bringing that work to others, in ways that appeal to them. And discovering ways for you to connect with people who would love/value what you do.


(Do what you do so well - that when other people see what it is that you do, they will want to see you do it again… and they will bring others with them to show them what it is that you do. - Walt Disney)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


About “Sales” (from David):

On April 5th, we’re going to make it cool for you to sell… When we say that, it’s about selling from a different place. It’s about having great conversations with those kinds of clients you feel can truly benefit from what it is you do.


You see, selling today is all about building relationships: getting to know people, understanding who they are, what they need, what challenges they have, and then sharing what you do that might help. It’s as easy as that. So on April 5th, I am personally going to share ways you can connect, learn, and help those you want to serve and do business with.

You will come to know the importance of starting a good conversation. Asking really critical questions. And how to see if there is a good fit for working together, between you and those you market to. We’ll also talk about building long term relationships – that have your customers coming back to you, even referring business your way, so you can really succeed on your terms.

Be prepared to learn, and be prepared to grow and succeed, on April 5th!


Date:   Saturday April 5th - 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Cost:   $97 (+ a small online registration fee)

Location:  Downtown Toronto

Read more here about the workshop 
...and on our blog
   ("I don't want you to 'sell and market'...")

Register here

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