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I am working with the Fetzer Institute to help identify organizations that stand out for their support of spirituality in their workplace.  In Phase I, I am making an annotated list of workplace spirituality organizations. The report...[which] will reach completion within the next week or so, will be posted on the Edgewalker Website, the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirit at Work website, and the Management, Spirituality and Religion interest group at the Academy of Management website.
Phase II of this project is to create an annotated bibliography of the seminal research articles in the field of workplace spirituality.  Obvious references will include the work of Jody Fry, Margaret Benefiel, Ian Mitroff and Liz Denton, Kathy Lund Dean, Charles Fornaciari, Val Kinjerski, and Marjo Lips Wierma.  And there are many, many others.

I am primarily looking for research that has been influential in the work of many others, as well as work that is truly cutting edge.  If you have a particular article that you would like to suggest for this list, please email me the full reference along with your description of why this article is a seminal or cutting edge article.  When this list is complete, I will also post it on the Edgewalker website and otherwise make it publicly available.

- from Judi Neal (contact her at )

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