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From Judi Neal, CEO, Edgewalkers International....

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I am working with the Fetzer Institute to help identify organizations that stand out for their support of spirituality in their workplace.
As an organization committed to helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world, the Fetzer Institute is interested in learning more about where and how workplaces are helping to support the inner lives of their staffs in inclusive ways that honor many belief systems.
Criteria might include organizations that:
--embrace spirituality, forgiveness, love, honoring the sacred or other prosocial values
--have policies, benefits, programs or workplace practices that actively support or nurture aspects of spirituality such as prayer or meditation areas, retreat benefits, personal development plans of a particular type, opportunities to learn and share, progressive wellness/wellbeing programs, a focus on leadership/emotional intelligence)
It may be the work that an organization does that influences their workplace culture (The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, Greater Good Science Center, YWCA). It may be that an organization's work is not directly connected with its support of spirituality or "inner" development, such as Google's Search Inside Yourself program.
There are myriad ways beyond what has been mentioned, so we ask for your assistance in identifying these types of organizations. This will help the Fetzer Institute both internally (in continuing to shape its workplace programs) and externally (to identify potential collaborators, funders, etc... in its work).
If you know of any organizations that might meet some or all of these criteria, please share the following by September 26, 2015*:
     Organization Name
     Contact person and information
     Brief notes on policies, practices, criteria that would be of interest
Send it to me at:

Once this project is complete, I will share the list of organizations on the Edgewalker Website.

Many thanks!
Judi Neal

*NOTE: While the deadline has just passed, please send your information to Judi in case it's still helpful.

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