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February 2018 Profile:

Emmanuel Lopez

Also known as Motivatorman, Emmanuel is a Motivational Speaker, Author and an award-winning Movie Blogger & Illustrator. He works with organizations to inspire RESILIENCE and INDESTRUCTIBLE OPTIMISM through the power of Hollywood movies, while sharing his own stories of overcoming burnout, unexpected crisis and clinical depression. For over 25 years, Emmanuel has also inspired clients and the public with his uplifting illustrationswriting, photography and original music. 

About his story: In January 2015 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and it put me in a momentary state of shock. Yet the silver lining was finally being given a name to a challenge I’d been dealing with for over 20 years. Since then I have dedicated my work and life to improving my mental health and wellness while sharing my creative coping strategies with others... Movies were a powerful tool to help me manage depression symptoms. They saved my life numerous times during dark periods when I wanted to end it all.- from his article on LinkedIn

Emmanuel's resources for others - on our Bulletin Board
Movies that Motivate Blog:
Top 10 Inspiring Movies for Managing Depression - his article on LinkedIn
Lifting Barriers to battling the dark demon of depression - in The Toronto Star

We asked Emmanuel to tell us more about his journey, his work and the resources he'd like to share.

And here they are...


My journey:

This is an article I wrote on Linkedin and details how 10 films helped me manage clinical depression...

Top 10 Inspiring Movies for Managing Depression


Links about my spiritual beliefs from my movies & wellness blog:

Tip#945: Believe in Miracles, Part 2 - Health & Wellness - Miracles from Heaven

Tip#608: God in Cinema, Part 1 - Life of Pi

Tip#966: Top 4 Movies for Remembering My Dad on Father’s Day - The Shiny Dimes

Shiny Dimes from my Dad in Heaven photo on Instagram:

Note: The shiny dimes I find from my Dad still continues today and I truly feel they are divine messages from him in heaven!


Interviews with me:

I don't have many articles but have many radio interviews that are recent and explore how movies helped me through depression...

CBC Radio interview: Movie Messages of Hope for the Holidays:

This Movie's About You interview (see episode 29):

TV Interview compilations on my illustration work:


Here is an article about a new book on depression that reflects my own personal discovery that the cures are primarily psychologically based. I'm eager to read this!

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong? by Johann Hari, from The Guardian

It's about connecting depression, mental health and our psychological needs... and is an excerpt from his new book:
Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari.

I have lots of other material I can send you so let me know if you need anything else.

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