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Hi All,

Microsoft launched a major update to Windows10 this week - and it crashed my computer twice. Others are reporting some problems with it as well... so I'd suggest not using it until it's fixed.

(To do this... if you get a box on your screen giving you options for installing it, click on "Snooze" to postpone it.
When you power off your computer at night, it will try to get you to load it again. Select "Shut Down"... do NOT select the "Update and Shut Down" option.

OR, you can postpone it by clicking on the "Schedule/Select a Time" option - and set this for a much later date, perhaps even next year [smile]

IF you have either "installed it successfully" or "had problems as well," please share your comments here by clicking on "Reply".

Many thanks!


Here's my experience with the Windows 10 update:

1) When I received the update notice mid-day on June 14th, I used the "snooze" option.... (i.e. this postponed it, until I was ready to install it.)

2) At night (June 14), when I was about to "power off," I received an option to "update and shut down," which I did.

3) The next morning (June 15th), the computer tried to do the install....

This attempt took over 2 hours. Once the screen went fully black (for 45 minutes) and I finally had to re-boot (by turning the computer off/on manually). It then 'hung' at "89% installed" and would not continue. I tried another manual re-boot, and this time the install did not continue. The message 'recovering previous version' came up, and eventually I was able to use my computer again.

4) My second install attempt was at night on June 15th... and the same things happened again.

When it froze at the "89% installed" level (as before), I left it for half an hour or more and nothing changed - so I eventually shut down the computer manually. Powering up this morning (June 16), the install again did not continue - and the computer 'recovered the previous version' once again (thankfully!).

I will not be trying another install of this update again until the bugs are worked out. And I'm about to message my community to NOT use it as well - or to share their experiences if they have done so already.

For others' experiences, you can go to the Microsoft Users Forum here:


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