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Dear friends,

Dr. Reuven Bar-On (EQ-i™ author) and I are trying to wrap up the Occupational Performance Study that is the final application of our SQ-i™ (the Spiritual Quotient Inventory™) that we normed and validated over the past 7 years in 27 countries.

We would be thrilled if you completed the assessment yourself. It only takes about 20 minutes, and is available here:

If possible, please post the notice below on any Facebook or LinkedIn websites you may have as well. 

Thanks for helping. The statistics are very robust thus far; we hope to have everything published later this year.

Michael Rock
Mobile: 1 613 898 7733

If possible, please post:

Dr. Michael Rock, a retired professor of human relations, business ethics, leadership studies and licensed EQ-i™ facilitator, is a colleague of the noted psychologist, Dr. Reuven Bar-On (author of the Emotional Quotient-Inventory or EQ-i™). For the past seven years they have been studying the relationship between the cognitive, emotional, social, moral and spiritual aspects of the human psyche and how they combine to impact behaviour, performance, health and well-being.

What the authors need now are additional people who will complete the application of their Spiritual Quotient Inventory™ (or SQ-i™) to their Occupational Performance Study. The time required is only 20 minutes. The website:


Thank you for helping out with this important scientific work on Spirituality in the Workplace.
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