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Centre for Spirit/Work

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Dear Spirit at Work Community:
When I began as Director about one year ago, my vision was to develop a Centre that not only grows “spirit at work” through information, skills and community, but through demonstration. In other words, to show that it really IS possible to do work that we love or care about and earn a living doing it! (Yes, it’s about the money too. [wink])

So today, we take the next step in doing that for the Centre itself, by launching our newest services. And
it begins with me, in offering the work closest to my own heart: Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting.

I love helping people to listen inside, discover what’s in their heart, bring it into their work and make a difference. It’s what I’m good at. And after 30-40 years of doing it, I now want to help those in the network who will find this useful. (You can read more about these services here on our Website - or a more complete description in the attachment below.)
Soon, we will be adding more people and services as well – with highly-experienced folks like Sue Vandittelli (our first teleconference speaker) who specializes in conflict resolution and coaching, Michael Hryniuk, a ‘master’ in spiritual direction, and Glo McArter who’s experienced in spirituality-and-work focused psychotherapy. And perhaps this list will grow still more in time, with some of you offering services through the Centre...
I believe that work is about love and service – bringing our gifts into the world and truly helping others through what we do. It’s also about receiving what we need to live sufficiently and abundantly. And those are our goals with these new services: to help YOU enrich your spirit AND work; to generate a livelihood for the people offering them; and to make the Centre itself more financially sustainable.
I sincerely hope these services will serve you. I trust you will understand and appreciate this new direction. And I look forward to hearing from you - if there are other services you need, or services you would like to offer with us in the future.
It’s one more small step for the Centre... and one we hope will help you to take the next step in your own work.

Eric (Hellman)

Centre for Spirituality at Work 
P.S. This is a major milestone for me... as it’s the first time I have put out my full range of services in 30 years (due to fears of talking about spirituality). 
To draw on the words of 
Nelson Mandela, it has been 'a long walk to freedom.’ But I am glad to have taken the journey that has brought me here.

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