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Here are the members of the new "Leadership Circle"
for the Centre for Spirituality at Work...


Susan Vaughan 
Sue Vaughan is a very accomplished workshop trainer/facilitator, who has a passion for helping people improve the quality of their work and personal life.
After 20 years in the corporate IT world (with National Trust & the Royal Bank), and receiving a diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University, she started her own company, Experience Expanded Inc. in 1997. Since that time, she has become a highly successful trainer of experiential workshops (in professional development and project management), as well as “team repair” interventions which help dysfunctional work teams ‘get things back on track.’ Her broad client-base ranges from major cities and regions to corporations, insurance companies and universities. Recently, Sue also created a new venture called the Self-Love Diet, a tremendously rich program for ‘nourishing our self & our life with self-love.’
Passionate about brain neuroplasticity, mental health and the power of the mind, Sue is a certified hypnotherapist. A long-time volunteer in palliative care and hospice, she received the June Callwood Circle of Outstanding Hospice Volunteers award. And she is also a mentor for students in the York University’s Learning Disabilities Program. Sue lives in Thornhill, Ontario.

Michael Hryniuk-1.jpg  

Michael Hryniuk, Ph.D.

Michael is a theologian who combines both ancient and modern thinking, with the goal of transformation of and in the spirit. 

A highly experienced spiritual director, teacher, workshop/retreat facilitator and author (with a background in the L’Arche community), Michael is currently going through training and internship as as a counsellor/psychotherapist, and is also starting work on his second book.

Since 1993, Michael has served as a consultant to churches, schools, religious communities, and denominational bodies - as well as working as a facilitator of workshops and retreats, community leadership, non-profit administration, ministry development and spiritual formation. An Adjunct Professor at Tyndale University College (Toronto) and St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, Nova Scotia), Michael lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Read more about him on his website,



Glo McArter.jpg  

Glo (Gloria) McArter, 

Glo is a writer, speaker and, as a counselling therapist for 25 years, inspires individuals, couples and groups to learn from their physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal and spiritual energy. To the conversation, she brings her stories as a spiritually independent seeker. The meaning of her life, her relationships, and her work deepens as she accesses the creativity of her spiritual essence. Glo’s doctoral dissertation explored the relationship between practices of religion, of spirituality, and personality styles.

With her current focus, she encourages authentic and vulnerable expression of what is meaningful about getting older so this life phase will be one of curiosity, awe and enjoyment. Glo served for several years as a Board member of the Workplace Centre for Spiritual and Ethic Development in Vancouver and is currently a Director of the Alfred Adler Western Canada Society.

Read more about Glo's work at:


Sue Vandittelli-1.jpg   

Sue Vandittelli

Sue Vandittelli is a Professional Coach, Chartered Mediator and Certified Ombudsman. She lives her calling of transforming lives, organizations and communities through both her personal life and business. She left Bell Canada as an Ombudsman for the Workplace in 1999 to establish her own consulting practice serving workplaces, businesses, communities and individuals. 

She provides sacred & transformative coaching and mentoring that empowers people to break through their current challenges and tap into their own inner soul wisdom. Her unique blend of sacred, life and business approaches results in innovative solutions. Sue has been part of the Centre of Spirituality since the early days in 1999 and is currently leading the "Your Soul's Journey Meditation & Soulful Conversation" group on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 

Read more about Sue's work at: and


Brian Fraser.jpg   

Brian Fraser

Brian Fraser is lead provocateur of Jazzthink and minister with Brentwood Presbyterian Church. From 1965 until 1985, he lived in Toronto, studying for 4 degrees, serving as minister with Glebe Presbyterian Church, and teaching at Knox College and Victoria University. He moved to Vancouver in 1985 to be dean at At. Andrew’s Hall, the Presbyterian college at UBC, and to teach leadership and organizational development at Vancouver School of Theology. He founded Jazzthink in 2002, using the wit, wisdom and workings of jazz to help people imagine how to use COOL conversations to generate SMARTer leadership (see the Jazzthink website for more on these ideas). He has been involved in Vancouver’s Workplace Centre for Spiritual and Ethical Development for almost a decade.

Read more about Brian's work at: and



Eric Hellman

Eric has been an environmental consultant, non-profit leader, ghostwriter, small business manager, energy healer and long-time volunteer in many different fields. His past work includes co-founding the first “Blue Box” recycling program, co-writing the bestselling book Leadership from Within, 'stopping a World’s Fair to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace, and co-managing a values-based office services company. He also has extensive experience in marketing and communications.

Currently the Director of the Centre for Spirituality at Work, Eric’s newest work is Conscious Change – coaching people to create change more effectively in their life, work and world. He is also a Recognized Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch(R), a long-time student of A Course in Miracles, and has a passion for photography, nature, cycling, and (playing) baseball.

Read more about Eric's work at:

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