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This month our guest is Tony Esteves...

We are going to talk about Tony's journey to live a life of joy, passion and creativity and the lessons learned along the way.

Can we have joy?

Can we live a life of our own choosing?

Can we risk what we have and take big leaps into the unknown world of living from this place of passion, joy, contribution and trust that our work, our incomes and life will turn out great?

Find out on May 21st at Noon, as we go one-on-one with Tony Esteves...

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The online chat café is brought to you in part by Coffee News Toronto and Laurene Mahe a brand new partner in your success!

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About our speaker... 

Tony Esteves is an experienced entrepreneur, performer, athlete, speaker and entertainer. His varied and unique international experiences provide the foundation for iOnTheBall.

Tony is an Inspirational Facilitator who takes audiences through energetic, entertaining and interactive learning experiences. He is known for delivering skills and techniques in an engaging and memorable way.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Tony shares inspiring stories about how unexpected connections can transform one’s life and career.

A graduate of the Second City Improvisation Program in Toronto, Canada and a former professional juggler and a Ping-Pong fanatic, Tony integrates dynamic teaching techniques including improvisation, juggling, and Ping-Pong play into his collaborative sessions and classes.

Having lived and worked in over 35 countries, including managing logistics for the US military in Uzbekistan, teaching in Japan, and corporate sales in Ukraine, Tony brings his international experience and anecdotes to the learning arena. Now Tony is living his dream by performing, teaching and inspiring people to reach their full potential at conferences and events around the world. He does this through the spirit of play.


So join us on the 21st…it’s easy to do, just click on this link to be in on the webinar!


Best Regards/David Cohen

Author, speaker, coach, lover of jazz, coffee bars, good conversation and baseball

The Boomer Business Coach-Helping Baby Boomers Do a Business they Love and Do it Successfully


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