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Aloha and thank you dear Eric for creating this platform.

I am happy to be part of this wonderful community and
would like to present myself:

I am Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher and Author, messenger of the Great Mother of Creation.

I have just published a book: "Conversations With Mother Goddess"- where I communicate with the divine Mother through clairaudience. She explains what has happened in the beginning of creation and why there is still deep in our matrix, a part of ourselves that has never been awakened. We hold within a lost consciousness that longs to return. This energy is our Mother of Creation; She has been denied since the beginning of time for the purpose of evolution. Whether men or women, we all bear that sacred substance within. Its name is the Will, coming from the Whole. 

It is time now to cover the last part of our awakening and restore the Consciousness and presence of our denied Will. However, since this feminine and emotional energy has been repressed from day one of creation, we don’t know how to retrieve it. Therefore we have to learn and be willing to work! As long as the Will is not in place, there will be a gap in our full consciousness, and in this gap, ego and duality will still influence our game. 

I feel honored to be the messenger and to divulge this message for us to be able to enter the New Era, abolish all duality, become ultimately whole and bring Heaven on Earth!

I am available for all discussions and will answer questions.

Natalie Kawai[love]

(To connect with Natalie, go to: Forums > View Profile > Create808now)

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