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This is an article I wrote in response to meditation as Mindfulness or as an energy based experience where we are intentionally invoking transmissions of the heart.
Though there may be a place for mindfulness meditation I have always felt resistance to calling it that, it felt like control, limiting the meditation experience to "mind over matter" and a thinking practice, rather than an experience of pure presence. 

I have meditated for 40 years. My meditation experiences have progressively shifted from a very directive mantra approach, in the initial years, to a gradual shifting awareness of breath and body sensations...thoughts became less the focus, while an attitude of acceptance and allowance developed. I would describe this progressive shift in my practice as a softening awareness into the subtle body and an expansion of awareness beyond that of mundane thoughts into pure energy.

Allowing the rising of thoughts and corresponding emotions, rather than stopping them, became a process of transmutation. I would further describe it as an absence of resistance and a mutation on a cellular level. In this way the gross body is experienced as a fluid system, with the undoing of energy blockages and the freedom from the rigidity of thought patterns. 

Many sensations and visions arise, sometimes journeying to the outer realms and star systems, while at other times witnessing some very disturbing visions, yet at other times the presence of struggle and resistance creep back into my experience, as they do in life. 

In any case, I most often allow for that fluid movement, of what ever presents itself, in the moment, to be what is up for transmutation. 

In the latter years I have used meditation as a means of connection to Source, Oversoul and what I like to call expanded intelligence and wisdom. Asking questions as they arise and receiving answers of a spiritual nature. 

What a wonderful and intriguing spiritual practice I have had...the gifts of long and deep investigation. 

Thank you Candace for inspiring me to express some of the value of meditation practice in my life...I have all too often down played its value.

I also appreciate the suggestion to play with awareness of heart transmissions...the heart as the dwelling place of love, the foundation principle of life itself.

A shout out, from my heart, to master Yeshua Ben Joseph for the constant reminder that love is always the answer...thank you, thank you, thank you.

May this discussion bring blessings of love and inspiration to our community of friends, as it has done for me.

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