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Litios Light Crystals
Coming for the first time to Western Canada


For those in the Vancouver area, the Litios Light Crystals and Litios meditations will be presented for the first time in Western Canada at the Body Soul Spirit Expo Jan 4-6.

These are energetic light tools of the higher dimensions that have been initiated and infused by Archangels, Ascended Masters and Crystal Angels for the purpose of raising consciousness, bringing in a higher energy and assisting us, our community and our clients to a higher and deeper level of ascension. 

Peter and Ursula Schnell brought these over in 2011 from Europe where they originate and these Light Crystals have been strongly received by the spiritual community throughout the East Coast.

They've also received a warm recommendation from Sue Vandittelli, of the Centre for Spirituality at Work Community. "I was surprised by the high magnetic energy in these crystals and meditations, the crystals called me and my whole physical and energetic bodies vibrated in their presence like I was inside a spiritual orchestra. They have amplified my gifts and have brought a gentleness in my life that is hard to put into words."

Peter and Ursula will be offering a Manifestation and Abundance Seminar with the Litios Light Crystals on Jan 12-13 in Vancouver where you can experience the depth and intensity of the Light Crystals and the presence of the Archangels and Ascended Masters for yourself (also offered Feb 9-10 in Barrie, ON).

A quick helpful overview can be found in this article "The Litios Light Crystals – Overview" as well as in an interview with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities TV, New York.

More information can be found at and

Best Regards,
Peter and Ursula Schnell

Barrie, Ontario

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In case you need the direct links, here they are:

The Litios Light Crystals – Overview:


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