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Hi All,
Catherine Allon, a long-time member of our network, is being interviewed on Wed, March 18th (3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern) by Lauren Galey in her "Healing Conversations" Global Telesummit series. 

The focus of this FREE online series is "Embracing Your Passion": How to tap and live your passion AND earn a living doing so! Interviews are with new-paradigm thinkers, healers, and spiritual teachers including Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton...

More on the series, and to register, click here.

Congratulations, Catherine!
(More information below from her, about the series and her interview.)


Healing Conversations.jpg 

Join Catherine Allon in a LIVE Healing Conversation
Catherine Allon.jpg 

Experience the Present Moment and Connect to your Higher Wisdom

Please join me in this Global Telesummit of Healing Conversations with Host Lauren Galey  on Wednesday, March 18th  at 3pm Pacific/ 4pm  Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern /10pm GMT 
Tonight, we'll be talking about Radical Awakening and how you can access your pure awareness and Higher Consciousness where all answers can be found, along with your Passion, Health, Abundance, Joy, & Peace!
Learn how to MANIFEST new, desirable change in your life in an abundant and prosperous frequency.  You can tap into this FREQUENCY or VIBRATION and really step into your True Mastery of Co-creating your reality using Universal Laws of creation!
Register here for this Global Telesummit: You will get an email from Lauren Galey for my show 2 hours before the event and can listen to replay anytime.

To read more about this show and to access the Webcast, click here.

More about Healing Conversations:
Activations, Meditations & Discussions To
Open Hearts, Empower Millions
& Raise the Vibration of the Planet
You’re invited to this *free Global Summit Series to Awaken and Empower YOU to EMBRACE your Passion to  live the life of your deepest desires and dreams, and free yourself of the old 3D matrix of fear, worry, doubt, shame, etc so you can  MOVE into your TRUE Essence, your True MASTERY.
This series will EMPOWER & ENLIGHTEN you in your remembrance of your true mastery and your Divine Purpose for being here on this planet. Each Healing Conversation assists you in moving into and maintaining the High Vibrational Frequencies of Joy, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Praise, Compassion.  These are the creative forces of the Universe that will change your life…and you’ll be shown how to use them by world-renowned spiritual teachers & healers who share step-by-step processes, meditations, activations,  visualizations and information in every show. 
Thank you once again, Lauren!  You always have the most inspiring, unusual guests. When I am not sure which interview show to listen to, I often choose yours because of the depths you go to with your most amazing guests. You lift us into our highest possibilities. Thank you,  thank you! xx” Astaras
Love and Blessings,

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