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Join us on Saturday, Sept. 12th, from 9:30 to 1:30, 
for our first Soul Purpose Workshop:

Eric Hellman.jpg
Growing Your Work/Life:
Following what you Love...
Listening to your Truths...
& Healing what you Fear 

with Eric Hellman,
Director, Centre for Spirituality at Work,
+ Communications & Change Coach

You want to grow/deepen your work. And you want more “spirit” – heart, soul, values, love, purpose, spiritual insight, connection with others – in what you do. Can we have both? And if so, how do we do that? 

That’s what we'll practically explore in this workshop. What works... what gets in our way... and how we can deal with these blocks. 

(Read more below for what we’ll be covering...)


Cost:   $55.00 (single workshop) or $250.00 (for the entire 8-workshop Soul Purpose series)

Location:   St. Andrew's United Church, 117 Bloor St. East at Yonge St, Toronto  (Directions)

For more information on this workshop or the series:  Click here or call 416-233-8665

Register:  Here   


Our Workshop Leader:

Eric Hellman has done many things he’s loved, and some that have been painful. The contrast has shown him the importance of listening to what ‘lives inside us’ – what we love/care about, what we resist/dislike, and what brings energy and inspires us. It's also shown him how to change the mindset he's using, so as to make work more meaningful & fulfilling.

In his multi-faceted career, Eric has been an environmental consultant, a non-profit leader, ghostwriter, business manager, energy healer and long-time volunteer. His past work includes co-founding the first “Blue Box” recycling program, co-writing the bestselling book Leadership from Within, stopping a World’s Fair for the International Day of Peace, co-managing an office services company, and creating a consulting trip to Australia in less than six weeks.

Currently the Director of the Centre for Spirituality at Work, Eric’s newest work is called “conscious change” – coaching people to listen within, shift thinking, and create the change they want to see in the world.

His personal interests/activities include Therapeutic Touch(R), A Course in Miracles, photography, cycling, (playing) baseball, nature and......


More about this Workshop:

Many of us believe we must work at what we don’t enjoy to earn the money to do what we really love. Yet this often leads to feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration & powerlessness. Suppose it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we CAN do more of what we care about & enjoy, while earning the money we need. If that’s possible, how do we do it... and what stops us?

This workshop is about practical ways to do work that inspires you, brings purpose, meaning and income, while making a difference in your world. And it begins with where you are... right now.

I will be drawing on things I’ve learned from 35 years of growing work, consciousness + spirit. And I also want to know what's worked for you! 

Here's some of what we'll be covering:

- doing what you love/value/care about 
- listening to your own truths (loves and fears)
- thinking/feeling/listening into where others are
- integrating values/consciousness into our work, products, services
- calling on Spirit/inner wisdom
- “bridging” communications - to connect more effectively
- marketing from a new place
- being guided by intuition / saying the things you “can’t”
- caring, quality, service, details
- paid work + unpaid work = experience
- looking at your results (and the impacts of your actions)...


Experience has also taught me a lot about what doesn’t work!
So we’ll also be exploring:

- waiting for others to change
- "what can I get from this?" 
- trying to get others to ‘buy or believe’ / preaching, convincing, telling people what to do

- “you don’t really love it, do you?”
- "it wasn’t meant to succeed"
- depleting & exhausting ourselves / not listening to our own energy/inner wisdom
- trying to succeed with your own energy/ideas alone...


How are you bringing conscious awareness or spirit into  work? Bring your  experiences, stories and lessons learned... so we can help each other!


If you would like to know more about this workshop, call Eric at 416-233-8665. 

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