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Five tips and a Prayer on Money
- excerpted from a blog by Sarah Yip

1. When you hear yourself saying 'I wish I had more money' or 'I never have any money', try listing five things you've bought in the past week that you are grateful for. Shift your vibration.

2. Next time you're worried about money, spend an hour on radical self-care. Go for a walk, call someone you love, cuddle your dog, cook a meal...Someone who controls their time, controls their money. Until you learn to say NO to others and YES to your sanity, you'll always feel out-of-pocket.

3. If you've had an idea circling around your head for days, weeks, even years, please act on it. That's your intuition trying to help you grow stronger. The more fears you conquer, the more confident you become.

4. The secret to healthy cashflow is to 'spend your life wisely'. Do what brings you energy - it will bring you good people and money. If not, at least you'll have the energy and support to try other things.

5. Choose one area you've been stuck and do the opposite of what you've been doing. We sit for 30-50 hours a week at a computer, what if you devoted that to finding your next calling instead of answering emails? [or] If you never ask for help, call, email, hire or research five people who've solved your problem before (this one step can work miracles).

Here's a prayer that I use in the mornings:

"Dear Spirit, thank you for paying all my bills in full, on Divine time, everyday. I look forwards to working with you again. Please show me the next steps to creating a life of wonder, ease and flow. I'm ready to serve in new and joyful ways now. Amen"

Just do your best and let Spirit handle the rest. Money is your friend - let it help you grow!

Excerpted from a blog called: 
Are You Honest with Money? 8 Chakra-Based Tips for Creating Cashflow, by Sarah Yip

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