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Six years ago I had the fortune to visit the world’s second-deepest underground neutrino lab facility in the world based in Sudbury, Ontario. My mother’s friend worked there and she set up the excursion.

The door of the super elevator at the mine had two enormous ropes coming out from the top of the elevator and had been stabilize by huge pulling towers.

The lab is in a nickel mine, two kilometres below from the surface. Surprisingly, in few minutes we were down. Image a mine, dark and humid but like magic in the distance a metal door shining like in the space movies. Inside, we had to undressed and wear doctor scrubs. I remember the cleanness, the bright lights and the neutrino detector. It consists of 1,000 tonnes of ultra-pure heavy water enclosed in a transparent plastic vessel measuring 12 metres across. The vessel is itself enclosed in 7,000 tonnes of ultra-pure normal water, lodged in an immense cavity measuring 22 metres wide and 34 metres high (the equivalent of a 10-storey building).

images (1).jpeBillions of these neutrino particles, are given off by the sun, they pass right through our bodies and the earth every second. Scientists used this former mine shaft because they need an environment protected from light for the study. The observatory’s elevator descends so deep the surrounding rock averages 47 C. degrees.

Canadian physicist Arthur B. McDonald was recently honoured with Noble Prize for co-discovering that elusive particles known as neutrinos can change their identity — or “oscillate” — as they travel from the sun. It proved that neutrinos must have mass, a finding that upset the Standard Model of particle physics and opened new avenues for research into the fundamental properties of the universe.

The neutrinos are not the only energy that passes through us without been aware of it. Since 2012 the shift has been accelerated and there is a lot of activity from the sun and cosmos: solar flares, coronal mass ejections, cosmic rays, waves of light. In particular these waves are the one that are affecting us. Over the past few years these waves have been rewiring our DNA, upgrading our body’s physical, emotional, mental system, and activating the fourth and fifth dimensional (4D and 5D) chakras, aligning us with a higher awareness. In short: one Wave of Light is emptying the vessel, the other Wave is simultaneously refilling it.

In the Creating your Personal Power field Course I provide more information about these Waves and their direct correlation with your emotional state, beliefs and choices. I share what the Shift Ascension Symptoms are and how to navigate this confusing time without experiencing the effects of this transition.


Many Blessing,

Matteo Bettin


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