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Dear Spirit at Work Members,

It is with mixed emotions that I need to announce my own changes -- as next month, I will be moving to Vancouver!

I say “mixed,” because I will miss all those I’ve come to know and work with in Toronto. However, after close to a year’s discernment, I am clear that I’m being called to live once again in British Columbia. And that excites me... because I know from experience the power of following Spirit.

As mentioned in the Leadership Circle write-up, I will continue to be part of the Centre - helping guide it in our transition to a new network, which serves people wherever they are located. And I am excited to be working with Gloria, Brian and Sue – all highly experienced, quality, spirit-based professionals for whom I have the utmost respect.

Why Vancouver? Well, when Spirit calls, one never knows exactly “why” – or “what” one will be doing. But there are two things I do know so far:

1) my mother has just returned from 18 years in Melbourne, Australia and is now living in Vancouver. My brother and sister also live in the region. So I’m looking forward to being together with my family for the first extended time since 1972!

2) The new work I’m personally developing, called “Conscious Change” – a coaching, consulting and communications practice – feels like it’s supposed to be launched out there. (So stayed tuned for more news on that one [smile])

THANK YOU to those I have come to know, who have participated in our Centre programs/activities/newsletters over the past several years, and who have tangibly and prayerfully supported this work.

And, despite the change in location, I look forward to working with all of you in the months ahead – so we may all grow our own work, our experience & expression of spirit, and help others to do the same through this network.

All the best!

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