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Centre for Spirit/Work

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Centre for Spirituality at Work:  An Ending... or a Beginning?

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All the best Eric in your new pursuits. I commend you on all your hard work over the past 20 months.  I for one feel society now more than ever needs an active Spirit at Work community and  as you aptly stated, perhaps it is time for a rebirth of some form. To that end, as you so graciously promoted in your newsletter, I have started up an open membership Spirituality at Work facebook page last week that is garnering interest from across the globe. I welcome all of your members to sign up and invite friends, coworkers, and family to join us.  We actively share and discuss ideas and resources for creating healthy, vibrant and productive workplaces through mindful, values-based principles. I have pasted the url should you wish to see what we are all about.. Blessings Eric on your new adventure!

Spirituality at Work facebook page:

Lisa Kelly
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Hello Eric,
Sorry to hear about the closing of the Centre. I had taken a course through the Centre about 6 years ago on finding your vocation. I found the course and participants beneficial. However, I did not find enough of an offering to maintain my involvement. Consequently, I started to use Spirituality and Practice group, which offers a wealth of programs via an e-learning format and discussion. Both ease, cost and number of courses made it preferable to the Centre as I do not live in Toronto.
All the best,
Douglas MacPherson
Centre for Spirit/Work

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Thanks for your kind comments! And great to see what you have launched on Facebook... A good next step for anyone who wants to continue the spirit & work connection/conversation and learning. I look forward to participating, and will remind others in the network about it.

- - - - - - -
I appreciate your feedback on the Centre's past activities, and your choices to get involved in others groups. The need to support/engage people who aren't in Toronto is an important one - especially if people in this network want to continue!

I look forward to checking out the Spirituality and Practice group!
All the best in your ongoing spirit/work exploration and practice [smile]
Centre for Spirit/Work

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(This comment was emailed to the Centre, and we were given permission for posting.)

Hi Eric,
I really like your ideas about making it more of a network.  I think there is a distinct need for “something” around the theme of spirit and work/calling/vocation in Toronto, because I don’t actually see this represented in Toronto in any distinct way.

Yet, as you say, there are many people offering gifts in this area, so it seems worth considering how to leverage this network of kindred spirits so we can all be connecting up with each other and finding out about and participating in each other’ offerings.  I also think there is a real need for conversations in this area which is something I have truly valued in the work you have offered.  I haven’t seen this happening anywhere else.  If you decided to facilitate such circles under your own personal creative professional banner, that would be a wonderful gift.  

I like the direction you were trying to go with the bulletin board concept of sharing info about other events.  I would certainly benefit from knowing about what the hundreds of other spirits in the network are doing.  Right now there isn’t an organized way to find out about that.  (If I don’t know who these people are, I can’t get on their mailing or Facebook lists.)  

It would be great if there was also someone who was really savvy in social media/networking who might be able to think of creative ways to use technology to reshape things along the ways you were trying to go.  Of course, it’s more than technology, it needs people to coordinate, but I can’t help but wonder if there is a way that technology could help us in some way.  

Maybe a short term thing would be to invite members of the community to use the current FB page to publicize their offerings. It would also be a place where people could share inspirational messages and have conversations.  (Some of these events/messages could easily be shared as links from their own existing websites or FB pages, but now we’d at least have a central hub).  This would eliminate the need for someone to “manually” administer a separate bulletin board.  It would still need a host/admin coordinator, but might be a bit easier to manage?  It seems that a lot of people who are into consulting, coaching etc, have FB pages, so it’s possible a lot of our members might already be users of FB.

Hope that helps... and look forward to participating in the conversation at Breakfast on Sept. 27th.
Cate Laurier
Centre for Spirit/Work

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(Here's another comment emailed to the Centre, with permission for posting.)
Hi Eric, 
I want to thank you for your courage both in taking on this ministry and now trying to redefine it.
I am a "relic" from the original KBC (King Bay Chaplaincy - which supported Sherry Connolly in starting the conferences and the Centre in the late 1990s). And since I no longer live in Toronto, I am hardly in a position to comment on what a new birth should look like.
If I was to put a couple of verbs to what I think the Centre has attempted to do, those verbs would be "cope, grow and understand" the work/life interface from a multi-faith perspective. 
What is needed going forward? Based on my own history and experience with faith communities -- workplace and other -- I think our times call for a united "standing up" for our mutual believing in a "Divine Power/Force". The 'Joseph coat of many colours' is a fit metaphor for this, with each faith representing a glorious and distinct colour in/on the one coat. 
Secondly, just as Christianity is in an epoch-changing period, so too are other faiths. We have to believe that the Spirit is alive in all this and our call is to explore the leading edge of this Divine Dynamic as it leads/molds us and all creation into "new life". 
It is a time for celebration and renewal. 
Shalom and best wishes,
John Ridout
Centre for Spirit/Work

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(Another comment emailed to the Centre, posted with permission...)

Dear Eric,
Thank you for your message informing of the transformation of the Centre. I experienced many, mostly mixed, emotions while reading your message.

On one hand, the closing of the Centre is yet another example of society turning its back on its birth-rite and allowing the ego to take over. Your Centre’s closure is one of a long list of similar organizations over the past decade that has closed its doors. I keep waiting for this ‘trend’ to stop…but it goes on unabated.
On the other hand, I rejoice in the transformation you are embarking on. What a wonderful opportunity to step back, assess your value and contribution to business - and see if there is some way you can continue to offer all that you have to offer, in a milieu that so desperately needs to bring their hearts into their daily operations and lives.
All love to you, and everyone associated with the Centre. Life has your back, so no need to look behind you. Stay focused on what lays ahead…and know that you cannot make a wrong choice when it comes to the future of the Centre.
Shanti, Namaste, Agapé,
Rev. Robert Meagher
Centre for Spirit/Work

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(Emailed, and posted with permission...)

Hi Eric,
Sorry to hear about the Centre closing in its current form, but the new possibilities are exciting.
I think it’s a great idea to continue the offerings as some kind of online network. I think that a blog format would work. I would recommend a theme or question for each week or month, which people could use as a focus for their comments and reflections. Otherwise, I think it could be too wide open for “anything goes.”

Some things to consider:
·  Would people advertise their relevant product/services and if so, by region?
·  How would it relate to Facebook, Twitter and other social media?
·  How would it connect with organizations with similar visions and mandates?
·  How would you avoid duplicating what’s already out there, or how would you make your web presence distinctive?
I could see inviting people to guest post, besides offering a daily forum for conversations. People could be invited to share recommended books, online presentations etc that relate to the topic at hand. 
There are lots of possibilities. Thanks for your time, thought, and effort in offering a new future for Spirit at Work. 
Heather Conn
Roberts Creek, BC

Centre for Spirit/Work

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(Emailed to the Centre, posted with permission...)

I recently read your newsletter describing the need for a "rebirth" for Spirituality at Work. Congratulations on having the vision for the organization and the ability to see the next steps - and that growth will stem from a more organic approach that services the 800+ global members. These transitions are never easy. 
I wonder if we can help with this transition, and help to open a conversation to explore this. Over the last 10 years, City Media has established a web-based infrastructure to support local media companies and small/medium sized business through the transition to a webcentric organization. We have worked with over 200 communities in Canada. There may be an opportunity to utilize what we have learned and apply it to the "rebirth" of Spirituality at Work. 
We are based in London, Ontario, and have had limited access to the Spirituality at Work programming in the past because of the Toronto venues. I have often thought that many of these programs could reach a greater audience by using video and web outreach programs. Perhaps a virtual "not for profit" that is web based with specific venues for either web or in-person events across the country is the next step?
On a personal note, I am passionate about Economies where People Matter and believe that incorporating Spirituality at Work is part of that process. This is what led me to become a subscriber to your newsletter and also led me to offer our support.
I'd be very interested in a further conversation about a collaboration with the stakeholders of the "new and emerging" Spirituality at Work program. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Warm regards,
Katherine Haine
President and CEO, City Media
London, ON

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