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Thanks to Lisa Kelly, of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc in Edmonton, Alberta ( for this contribution and recommendation!

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Hi All,
I'd highly recommend Val Kinjerski’s book on "spirit at work."
It's called Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters

Here is a synopsis and some reviews on it. I could not have said it better myself and my sentiments are directly aligned with those below. It would be a great book to feature in your newsletter for those who may not have read it yet.
Blessings, Lisa
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Book Summary/Overview:

Val Kinjerski is convinced that everyone can be inspired and engaged at work. Her research tells her so. Now she shows the way in an engaging, inspiring, practical book called Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters (200 pp., US $21.95). (To order, go to this site.)
Discover for yourself: 
- the meaning and importance of “spirit at work”
- how you can change the way you feel about your work simply by rethinking your work
- which of the four possible paths to spirit at work you are on
- successful strategies to help you become more enthused about and engaged in your work.
We can all feel inspired by what we do. We just need to take steps to create that feeling.
                              -Val Kinjerski, Rethinking Your Work

Comments on the Book:
Most people have a job. Some people have fulfilling careers. A few people have a sense of calling or deeper purpose that lives through their work. Val Kinjerski's engaging book, Rethinking Your Work, shows that what matters most is not what work we do, but how we think about it. Drawing from her research, speaking and consulting work in employee engagement and building spirit at work, Val starts with a diverse variety of stories that illustrate spirit at work and the varying paths each person took to develop a deep sense of purpose in their work.
The main part of Rethinking Your Work provides practical actions and how-to steps to deepen our sense of purpose at work. This includes helpful Reflection Questions at the end of each chapter.
The book is built around a simple four part Spirit at Work framework: engaging work, sense of community, spiritual connection and mystical experience.
Here is a summary that another reviewer wrote:
The book is divided in two parts:
Part I: Understanding Spirit at Work.
Here the author presents real-life examples to describe and provide us with insights as to what is spirit at work and illustrate that it can be achieved in different ways. Some of us may have had fleeting experiences of it, others extended experiences and then there are those people for whom it's just a way of being. For all of us, it's something we desire even if we cannot fully describe it.
According to the author, spirit at work is present in people who are passionate about and energized by their work and there are four distinct dimensions: mystical experience, engaging work, sense of community and spiritual connection.
Part II: Fostering Spirit at Work.
This is where the book comes alive for me. Here, the author leads us on a journey, providing tools, stories and exercises along the way, for us to discover and create our own spirit at work. As mentioned earlier, these tools are equally useful at home and in other environments.
The author notes that although spirit at work is influenced by the work environment, it's really created deep within each of us.
Part II begins with a discussion on appreciating yourself - for some of us, recognizing our own talents and contributions is difficult - and respecting and recognizing the presence and contribution of others.
The next three chapters explain and provide exercises for discovering or enhancing spirit at work. Specifically, they deal with: positive thinking, living in the moment, optimism, gratitude, forgiveness, courage, service, kindness, happiness and hopefulness.
The book is full of great ideas and exercises, however if you don't actually do something, then the book is simply a nice read. Thus the author ends with a clear call to action.

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Note: There is also a companion guidebook, Rethinking Your Work: How to Get to the Heart of What Matters (109 pp., US $17.95), which features more than 50 simple, field-tested exercises that carefully walk you through a radical rethinking of the work you do. Free delivery when you buy both books.
The guidebook serves as an individual workbook or can be used in a group setting. You will
get in touch with the deeper meaning and purpose underlying your work 
- learn how to appreciate yourself and others at work 
- calculate your personal spirit-at-work score 
- assess how your world view, attitudes and values impact how you approach your work 
- learn how to be more “on purpose” at work 
- discover ways to refill your cup 
- create a vision board to chart your future experience of work 
- create a personal action plan to increase your spirit at work 
and much more...

To order the book or guidebook, go to this site.
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