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“Marketing and selling? Do I have to do that?"

On April 5th, find out how you can keep your values...
and still tell others about what you love, care about and do.

Marketing&Sales course-4.jpg   

Be Real, Relate and Deliver

David Cohen (the Boomer Business Coach) 
and Eric Hellman (Centre for Spirituality at Work)


Do you like being “marketed or sold” to?
If you don’t, why would YOU want to do that to someone else?

So here’s the quandary:
If you’re in business -or- do anything that you’d like others to know about or buy:
How do you tell people about it, without “marketing or selling” to them?

That’s what this workshop is about. It’s a day for people who DON’T like to “market and sell,” or don’t want to do it in traditional ways because it goes against their values or spirit.

At its core, what it’s really about is: Being yourself... Delivering quality products & services... and Developing great relationships with people who value what you do.

Date: Saturday, April 5th - 10:00-4:30 p.m.

Location: St. Andrew's United Church, 117 Bloor St. East, Toronto

Cost:  $97 (+ a $3.42 online fee)

  Register here


Want to know more about it?
Click below on what interests you...

Workshop Overview 

Our Approach to "Marketing & Selling" 

 Why I DON'T want you to market or sell to others...

Saying it in music (or, how we’d like you to feel afterwards)


Or call 416-233-8665 for find out more.

Thanks for considering!
Eric and David

If you can’t attend, here are some tips for making your "marketing & sales" more real:

a) It’s about the spirit, energy and intention behind what you do...
b) Provide good, clear information

c) Help people to discover what they really need, and if what you have is right for them
d) Do something you love/value AND deliver a quality product/service
e) Ask “spirit” or your inner wisdom about what to do & how to do it

f) Give people an experience or sample of what you do, and communicate it from the heart
g) Tell people the truth... your truth...
h) Ask yourself: Am I marketing/selling from fear/lack/need or love/fullness/a desire to serve?

i) Care about people as if they’re precious to you, or your best friend
   (i.e. Treat them the way you’d like to be treated)

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