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Position Desired: In Workplace Wellness

Bobbie Ensary 
(also spelled Bobby Ansari)

Wellness Program Creator, Facilitator, Blogger, Writer & Podcaster

Bobby is looking for an opportunity to create wellness programs in the workplace, emphasizing mindfulness, emotional intelligence and effective communication and understanding. It could be for the university campus, for students under pressure or the corporate boardroom for high-achieving professionals. She works to inspire PERSONAL UNDERSTANDING and INTEGRATION through the power of cross-cultural, cross-religious understanding and its role in promoting WELLNESS.


Bobbie Ensary is a wellness program creator and has created programs in health promotion at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and McGill University emphasizing promoting spirituality and personal integration in overall health and wellness. For over 18 years, she has been a change agent and has inspired the public with her expertise as a teacher, trauma counselor, outreach program creator, writer, and more recently, as a podcaster. She brings a lifetime's worth of knowledge, exposure and understanding of the diverse spiritual traditions of the world.

Also known as Earth Energy Reader, Bobby runs the little-known but influential blog "The Shift Has Hit the Fan". Her articles on the cultural appropriation of yoga have been picked up by Elephant Journal and have been discussed at academic conferences on the same topic at UCBerkeley and NYU.

About her story:  I am deeply motivated by humanistic values and feel that a society can only progress when we also care about creating social capital in a sustainable way as well.  It is my personal experience that understanding and integrating the world’s spiritual traditions plays a significant part in creating that social capital. I know how to connect with people and bring new ideas to people across all age groups and backgrounds across many different kinds of platforms. As a Bengali-Canadian, I grew up Muslim,  went to Catholic schools for most of my life but was exposed to Hinduism and Buddhism. While living in Turkey, I was able to meet and spend some time with His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul and Faruk Hemdem Çelebi, the current leader of the Mevlevi Sufi Order in Konya.  I also spent five years with Native American Elders of the Mohawk tribe in Quebec and Hopi tribe in Arizona understanding First Nations and Native American spirituality and their modalities of healing with the sweat-lodge - from her blog (link:


Some of her radio clips:(Link:

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To contact Bobby, please email her at:

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