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What would it mean to "lead" our new network?

It's not what you think... A couple of hours a month on Skype, to discuss how to grow our work + spirit. Sharing your ideas, and what helps/inspires you. And if you want more, initiating something you'd like to do or assisting with an event or newsletter...

Read more below... (posted previously)


An Invitation to "Lead"

Want to be part of the leadership team that transforms and grows our new ‘Centre’?

We are looking for 2-3 people, both 'local and global'...
and here are some ideas to help you know if this might be right for you:

Our main focus will not be on ‘growing the Centre’ per se. It will be on helping people to grow their own work and, at the same time, our community. If we’re successful in doing that, the “Centre” will grow as a result.

Thus the guiding question for our new Leadership Circle will be something like:
How do we help everyone in our network to thrive, grow their work and livelihoods, and become richer in Spirit & life?
To fulfill that, we will also need to listen to our own needs and what we feel called to do.

These additional questions will also be used to guide us:

How can the Centre/Network help each of us to grow our own work + spirit?

What would you like to see or do (as part of the Leadership Circle) to experience this? 

What can we do that helps each of us, very practically, in our own work (and life)?
What can we do together that would so enrich us... we would want to do more of it? 

And how do we make this such a rich place/process, that others would want to be part of it too?

Our ideas for the Centre's re-birth aren’t ‘set in stone.’ (Read more here about our new directions and focus, if you haven't already.)
They are simply a starting place for our new Leadership Circle to begin our conversations.

It is now time for each of us to:

     - listen to Spirit, for what is being called for;
     - reflect on our own work, and consider what we need, want and would find useful;
     - listen to our own hearts, as to what we would like to see, and do; and
     - hear each other and our community, about what others are asking, needing, wanting...

If the vision of the new Centre, and our approach to creating it, appeal to you, then please let us know!

If you feel called to be on the Leadership Circle, tell us why (and where you are located).** 

And if you’d like to support us/our re-birth in other ways, tell us about those too.
Please comment below... or email us at

(**Note: We only have spaces for 2-3 more people on our Leadership Circle - both in the Toronto-area and 'at a distance' - so not everyone can be accepted. However, we'll do our best to include your ideas/support!)

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Thanks for this invitation, Eric and all.  I can offer a passion for discovering and activating Spirit in every dimension of people's lives, a talent for exploring positive opportunities with people for flourishing as a blessing in their circles of influence, and a commitment for creating sanctifying space in which people can grow their own work in and for Spirit in the world.  I have been an active part of the Vancouver-based Workplace Centre for Spiritual and Ethical Development for 10 years now and have worked with Eric in that organization.  I would welcome the privilege of contributing to the rebirth of the Toronto centre.  More can be found out about my adventures in the Spirit at  Looking forward to your decision.
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