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"Sit back, take a breath... and forget about 'the Centre' as it currently exists – what it is has been, where it is located, or who is running it.

Now t
hink about yourself as a person who works. Someone who runs a small business, works in an organization, needs new work, more contracts/clients or...
- What would help or serve YOU?

- What kinds of services, conversations, information sharing, or other activities would support your work and your spirit?

- How could the network do that, while helping others get what they need?"


Please share your thoughts/ideas below!

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Sent in by Gloria McArter, New Westminster, BC

This is my “starter” brainstorming list…..
If this was MY network – to put out/gain/talk about what I most want to … what would I like to do/talk about/ put out/get help with/share?            
·  Individuals in the network provide contact information to access their newsletters/blog posts 
·  Set up Directory of Services offered by the Network 
·  Facilitate online conversations about a “spirited” midlife and beyond (timely topic) as it connects with work  -- how that looks, feels and benefits of same
·  Share info about both Live (in the community) and online (“Call In” option) presentations/speakers on the “Spirit at Work” theme 
·  Consider an “advocacy” structure: how the Network advocates for those in transition to a spiritual approach to work
· Change the name: “Shift Network” now exists – options: The Spirit at Work Network /  The Working Spirit Network / The Oneness Network / The Spirited Universal Network (SUN) at Work 
Thanks for considering!

Gloria McArter, Ph.D. 

"The Wisdom of Worth: Discover Soulful Meaning in Midlife and Beyond"

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Sent in by Heather Conn, Roberts Creek, BC

I am always interested in hearing how people combine their spirituality with the practicalities of day-to-day living... 
e.g. Does a prompt from Spirit affect their choices regarding work or a job or how they earn a living, or do they follow Spirit regardless, even if it might seem like “insanity” to their ego? How do they relate to the ongoing interplay between Spirit and the mind and life choices/decisions?
I’d love to see some kind of project, idea or job board that appeals to cultural creatives. People might have an idea or project but aren’t sure how to have it unfold or find the right people for it. This would be more than just a list of job descriptions; it would be more to target people whose spiritual values and progressive views are guiding their life/work choices. 
Along with this, there could be a forum where people have a specific challenge or problem related to their spirituality and they pose a question, inviting feedback and possible solutions. Or someone notable in the community could be invited to respond, or a combination of both.
I’d also like to see something that addresses people at mid-life: have their priorities changed, do they feel more compelled to live a life of deeper meaning, is something missing for them etc
Heather Conn
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