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     Centre News + Forum Tips & Info
Basic information about this Forum-Bulletin Board and how to use it
5 4 WELCOME... and Guidelines for Using this Forum/Space
by Create808now
Centre News & Services
News, Events and Services from the Centre for Spirituality at Work
12 11 Our Leadership Circle
by cswforum
Centre Newsletters 29 18 Workplace Spirituality Research Report - by Judi Neal
by cswforum
Blog / Ideas forum 52 34 Putting Ideas into Action: Leadership from Within
by cswforum
Growing our Work/Business
Experiences, insights, reflections and discussion on growing a spiritually-centred business or work
9 8 A Journey of Beauty (and Work), Guided by Spirit - by Eric Hellman
by cswforum
Social Media & Working in an Online World
Posts, articles, resources and discussion on using the Web and social media to grow our spirituality and conscious work
3 3 Finding an Online Voice: Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing
by cswforum
     Events: Announcements & Invitations
Events in the Toronto Area
Events being held in or near Toronto
86 84 Your Soul's Journey-Dec 16th
by cswforum
Events in Other Locations (please state where)
Events being held outside of Toronto: Regional, National, International
9 9 It's All Made Up LIVE! - June 8-11, 2017 - Silver Bay, NY
by Chuck
Events Accessible Anywhere (e.g. webinars, teleconferences, etc.) 7 7 What is Emotional Intelligence? - and an online course
by cswforum
     Your Services/Products (Work-Related)
Services/Products/Skills Available
Tell others about WORK-RELATED services & products you offer, such as seminars, coaching, consulting, CDs, books, newsletters, office massage, your rates/fees, and more...
10 10 You can now take me home...
by cswforum
Looking For a Service, Skill or Product?
Describe what kind of WORK-RELATED service, skill, product or service provider you need...
0 0 No posts
     Your Services/Products (Personal)
Services/Products/Skills Available
Tell others about PERSONAL services & products you offer, including seminars, CDs, books, coaching, counselling, massage/energy work, newsletters, skills, and more...
6 6 Natalie Kawai: Conversations with Mother Goddess
by cswforum
Looking for a Service, Skill or Product?
Describe what PERSONAL products, skills or services you are looking for...
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     Work: Employment, Jobs, Contracts + Internships/Volunteer Positions
Work/Positions Available
Looking to hire - or know of Work, Positions, Internships or Volunteer positions that are available? Tell others here.
1 1 Jobs available - as of Nov 24, 2016
by cswforum
Work Wanted
Tell others what YOU are looking for: employment, contracts, paid work, internships, volunteer positions...
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     Ideas/Information to Share
Help or Info Requests...
Need help with something? Tell others what you are looking for...
8 8 Problems with Windows10 Update - June 2017
by cswforum
Resources You Want to Recommend
Websites, links, stories, people, books, CDs, videos and other resources that you've found inspiring or useful...
19 19 Interfaith dialogue educational resources
by cswforum
Humour, Fun and Soul Nourishment
See what can you come up with! (We'll be flexible here :)
5 5 Empowering Our Leader(s) - by Rev. Diane Hoover
by cswforum
Your Ideas, Reflections & Experiences...
Share your thoughts, feelings, reflections, ideas (big & small), successes and challenges related to Spirit at Work
27 16 The REAL Las Vegas
by cswforum
Gratitude, Pay It Forward, Gifts & Free Stuff
Someone you'd like to thank, or something you'd like to give to others at no cost...
1 1 This Community Space...
by Centre for Spirit/Work
     Community Sharing (Personal)
Events, Interests, Issues, Inspiration & more...
PERSONAL things that support & sustain your spirit. (It's pretty 'open-ended' here :)
6 6 Journey... by Cate Laurier
by cswforum
     Feedback & Suggestions on this Community Space
Share Your Experience
Keep it uplifting... or break it to us gently
1 1 Testing 123
by cswforum
Be specific, to help us in our slower moments...
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